Joining / Clan Rules
[TheJedi] Clan Rules

1) Clan affiliation

Every [TheJedi]-member is supposed to be loyal to their clan, i.e. not being a member of another clan at the same time. All team captains are required to show their clan tag. Regular clan members are exempted from this rule, but they are encouraged to do so as well.

2) Attitude towards clan members / Public representation

a) Act respectfully towards your clan mates. Be polite, helpful and understanding. If there is some trouble, try to resolve it.

b) Every [TheJedi] member is required to represent himself and the clan as a respectable part of the AoC community. Childish behaviour, such as harsh swearing, insults and flaming (especially towards non-clan members) will not be tolerated.

3) Internal team games

a) You win as a team and you lose as a team. Therefore, it is obligatory to ask for the agreement of the team mates before one resigns in a team game, as rage quits ruin the game for the remaining players. Even if one's base gets completely destroyed, they can be asked to rebuild again and help their team by creating trash units.

b) In 2vs2 games, it often turns out to be two 1vs1 matches happening simultaneously. So, if there is still a chance of winning the 1v1, the player whose partner has lost, e.g. the feudal war, may ask to continue his duel without any influence of the successful opponent.

4) Smurfing

As it makes sense to have a second account now and then, e.g. for practising / experimenting, every [TheJedi]-member is allowed to have a s.murf-account. It should be listed as a clan member as well, so that other Jedi can see them online in the lobbies.

5) Recruiting policy

Please do not just leave an application on Voobly, you also need to find a captain online (The Jedi Council) and get in contact. Applicants who fail to do so and leave an application only may expect it to be declined without further explanations.

You don't have to be a good player, as we look for attitude; having said that, we are trying to step up the average clan skill level, so currently we are only recruiting people with a stable 1600+ rate level of game.

You are likely to be asked for a quick game to see if you're actually playing up to the level in your Voobly profile.
Then you will be offered a 14 day trial period in the clan, when captains will pay attention on your involvement with the clan and ultimately decide if you're welcome to stay and become a Jedi.

The things we're expecting from you during the trial period:

- <Upon joining> Get familiar with the clan rules and follow them henceforward
- Display some social skills by getting to know members and play games with them
- Be an active player on Voobly and play on a regular basis
- Create a thread about yourself in the "Member Information" forum
- (advisable) Get your TeamSpeak3 client sorted and be ready to join it for the teamgames

If you are interested in joining, just get in touch with us and send us your application.

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